Flat Pack Storage Solutions

SMT Containers are suppliers of portable flat pack storage containers, stores and cabins. The products provides a multitude of storage solutions to a wide range of trades and commercial businesses as well as for numerous domestic and residential applications.

Portable flat pack buildings are recognised as one of the easiest and most cost effective ways of getting more space wherever and whenever you need it. From simple storage cabins to additional office space the EXPANDA range of buildings are secure, strong and above all easy to move and erect.

Here’s why so many businesses are using flat pack portable buildings from SMT Containers:

  • Lightweight construction means they are easily moved and erected by just 2 people
  • They are strong, secure and durable meaning they can be used almost anywhere
  • No planning permission needed
  • Once erected they can be moved easily by forklift, crane or even by hand
  • No ground preparation or footings needed.
  • A huge range of sizes and types available for all applications and uses
  • Easily erected and disassembled for use wherever you need extra space

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