CTX office modular buildingSMT Containers provide the whole range of Containex modular buildings and can deliver them for use anywhere in the UK. All Containex buildings are well constructed with solid steel frames and corner casts for extra strength and they can be easily lifted into position and added to when needed.

Their modular construction features easily removable interchangeable wall panels with galvanised steel sheets on the outside which gives total flexibility – the larger units can even be stacked up to 3 stories high. This means they are suited for use almost anywhere and their applications include…

  • Office complexes and site offices
  • Sales offices and Showrooms
  • Repair shops and storage rooms
  • Restaurants and Staff Canteens
  • Toilet blocks, shower blocks and restrooms
  • School classrooms, Kindergartens and training rooms
  • VIP areas, media centres and locker rooms

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