All the answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions…

How easy are they to construct?
All the cabins and storage containers we supply are flat packed and broken down into manageable sized components. Usually they require just 2 people to erect which can be achieved in about 45 minutes for the smaller sizes

Do I need any special tools to construct them?
There’s no need for any tools or technical knowledge as everything is included in the pack. We supply a simple socket and full instructions and that’s all you need!

Do I need to prepare the ground before assembly?
Each building can be put up anywhere without footings or special ground preparation. Any flat piece of ground which is reasonably solid and free from large objects can be used.

I want a storage container for use on different sites – How easy are they to move?
This is what EXPANDA range was designed for and all the buildings, cabins and units can be easily disassembled and put back in flat pack form for onward transport to a new location. Alternatively, for short distances they can be move by fork lift or crane (see where some of amazing places where some of them have been used here).

How are they delivered?
All the buildings, cabins and units are delivered by our own lorry which has a mounted crane for easy off loading. Everything is delivered in flat pack form and we can offer this service to anywhere on the mainland UK

Do I need planning permission?
The buildings are deemed as temporary structures so no planning permission is needed.

Are the buildings and cabins secure?
Yes. Although lightweight in construction they are made from galvanised steel with double lock doors for security. They are ideal for storing all types of equipment on site or at your premises.

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